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Perio-Prosthetic Considerations Around Dental Implants This course will discuss surgical and restorative concepts, procedures and solutions to improve the soft tissue emergence profile of implant and pontic sites in single implant restorations and implant bridges. The restorative choice of implant design and abutment material will be discussed and particularly the evidence of using Zirconia abutments as stable base for soft tissue esthetics and long term implant results. The concept of using a concave or flat preplanned abutment via the cad-cam route and via the prefabricated route will be discussed and the steps preventing removal of abutments during the restorative phase. This course will teach the restorative dentist the new concepts of zirconia abutment materials, the concave or flat abutment design and the immediate or early placement of the final abutment.

Release Date: December 19, 2006


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